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This applies to all couples, gay, straight, real or fictional.

Something that always bugged me in movies, literature and even real life to an extent, is that a lot of times it seems to go like this: girl/guy walks into a room, person x sees them and, without knowing anything about said person, just gets all drooly with hearts and instantly "falls in love" with them. What bothers me even more is that this cold, shallow version of "love" is so widely accepted and glorified in our society. :(

I believe love is so much more than just physical attraction/jumping right in the sack with someone. I believe it's a very special bond that has to develop over time, and while sex can be a part of it, it shouldn't be the deciding factor-- it should be a way to express your love, but it is not love on its own and shouldn't be the basis of relationships.

This is just something I feel strongly about/wanted to get off my chest, so if anyone else feels the same, feel free to use the stamp!

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-Binny :boing:
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January 10, 2010
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