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This was just so ridic I felt the need to share.

I'm disabled and don't get to go out a lot, so I do a lot of my shopping online. I've never been comfortable owning a credit card, so I use gift cards. The problem with these cards is that I'm usually left with a few bucks on them in the end that I have nothing else to do with, so I'll use them on Nintendo Badge Arcade and other little things like that. This results in me using multiple, fully legal and valid cards. Nintendo's system didn't like this, though. Apparently in doing this (after like, years) I set off enough 'red flags' that I was banned from the eshop with no explanation.

The really fun part was I didn't even know I was banned until several days after the fact, as all it gave me was a generic "error" message, 005-5964, to be exact, when I tried to access it. When viewed on their site, it's described as "An error has occurred while attempting to connect to the Nintendo eshop." and their "What to Do" section says to power off your system or check the network status, then says "If the problem persists, please contact us by clicking here." It doesn't even mention the POSSIBILITY of being banned. The fact that I was banned from online monetary interactions with them and given a generic "error" code, that isn't even explained as being banned on their site, shows a gross lack of transparency on their part, and when taken into consideration with how they conduct themselves in other areas, seems intentionally misleading. I spent days trying to figure out what was wrong before I even knew I had to contact them.

So, after looking online and finding out through outside forums what their own site does not explain; that it's a ban code, I gave them a ring. It wouldn't be the first time I've called and been given the runaround by them, since their Miiverse report system works by numbers of reports rather than, you know, actual humans doing their job, I've had several drawings taken down that I had to contest, because although not violating any of their rules, my art apparently makes too many ten year olds uncomfortable in their pants. Okay, irritating, but pretty standard as far as Nintendo shenanigans go so far. After the usual being passed around from person to person over phone until I got someone who would actually do something, I'm told that I triggered the ban by using multiple cards and I hadn't actually done anything wrong. Okay, fair enough. Having systems like that in place is normal and it just looked suspicious on their end. I'm told they'll send it to the higher ups to have it looked at. I wait, still banned, and call again the next day to see what's going on. I'm told they're still "Making their decision." (What decision, Nintendo? I did nothing wrong.) And to give it such and such business days.

Finally I log in again and it actually lets me on. I'm unbanned, but I have an email. What is it?


Regarding your recent request, I'm pleased to report that the ban associated with your Nintendo Network ID has been lifted, which means you are free once again to use your system's online features (Miiverse, Nintendo eShop, etc.). While we have deleted the games that were purchased with unauthorized funds that have already been reported to us, there are other transactions on the account. If or when those are reported as unauthorized, we will go in and delete those games or the funds (as appropriate) without contacting you again.

Keep in mind that any new unauthorized charges reported on this account will result in a permanent ban. Charges from before this removal will not result in another ban.

We consider this matter resolved and have closed the incident. If you have any additional questions, please contact us via our online webform (en-americas-support.nintendo.c…).


Nintendo of America Inc."

What unauthorized purchases?! It was confirmed by phone to be a mistake on your system. This is worded like I did something fraudulent and like it's a strike on my account, too, so if it happens again and sets off false red flags, they'll just ban me over doing nothing wrong? For trying to give them money?

I've been a paying customer of theirs for twenty years. I've bought every system they came out with since the 64, and countless games in that time, and this is how I'm treated. :|


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